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You are My Sunshine


Jeon Do-Yeon, Hwang Jeong-Min, Seo Ju-Hee 


Park Jin-Pyo     


123 min.


Sub ไทย ปกสี หน้าหลัง


VCD 2 แผ่น 90 บาท

DVD 1 แผ่น 140 บาท





Hosted by actor Ahn Seong-gi and actress Song Yoon-ah, the 4th Korea Film Awards ceremony was held Dec. 4 from 6 p.m. for three hours at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

The best lead actor and actress awards went to Hwang Jeong-min and Jeon Do-yeon for their roles in the movie “You are my Sunshine.” Hwang also received the best supporting actor award for the movie “A Bittersweet Life.” Meanwhile, it was the second best lead actress award in a row for Jeon, who plays a tea-house waitress affected with AIDS in “You are my Sunshine.” She won the previous award last year for her role in “My Mother, the Mermaid.”

The film stars actress JEON Do-yeon (Untold Scandal, Happy End) and actor HWANG Jeong-min (A Good Lawyer's Wife, A Bittersweet Life, Road Movie) in the story of a sex worker who falls in love with an older bachelor from a rural area. Later, the two discover that the woman is HIV-positive.

“You Are My Sunshine” is a Korean movie that may try to answer the cliched question: what is love? This romantic drama was released in Korea on the September 23rd 2005. This long awaited movie is directed by Park Jin-pyo and it is his comeback movie as a director: already the signs are promising since this movie sold more than 1 million tickets in Korea.

Romantic dramas such as “You are my sunshine” rely heavily on actors’ talents so casting had to be very careful to pick talented actors and yet get big names to attract the attention moviegoers. As a result, the two very well known with solid acting skill actors were cast. There is the actress Jeon Do-yeun who is also currently appearing in a popular Korean TV drama titled “Lovers of Prague” and the equally good actor Hwang Jeong-min. With the two playing lovers, they took the number one spot at the box-office back in September.

In this movie, the actress Jeon plays a pitiful waitress who also offers sexual services in exchange for money. To escape her abusive husband, this waitress moves to a rural area where she meets a 37 years old bachelor. This naive man named Seok-joong falls in love at the first sight and shyly starts courting her. Slowly, she falls in love as well and the two lovers are filled with happiness and hope. However, the cruelty of life sets in when she learns that she is infected with the HIV virus and her newfound love turns into despair.

In "You are my Sunshine," Jeon plays the role of a pitiful tearoom waitress who is also a sex worker. The waitress moves to a rural area away from Seoul to escape her abusive husband, and later falls in love with a farmer who showers her with love and gives her new hope. But as the cruelty of life flows, she is faced with the fact that she is infected with HIV, and her new love turns into another despair.

From the hardened woman, Jeon manages to bring out a fragile soul which arouses the viewers' sympathy. When played by Jeon, the woman is no longer just a pitiful sex worker, but instead, becomes a vulnerable - and perhaps even humdrum - woman with a lust for love and affection.

Debuting in the 2001 comedy film ``Waikiki Brothers,’’ Hwang has starred in a total of 10 movies playing various roles, including a kind and thoughtful man in ``YMCA Baseball Team,’’ a homeless person in ``Road Movie,’’ a mean lawyer in ``A Good Lawyer's Wife’’ and a gangster in ``A Bittersweet Life.’’

Given that five of his 10 films were screened this year, it is no doubt that he’s enjoying the best time of his acting career. Hwang may be far from the conventional handsome actor admired by teenage girls, but what helps him bring the variety of characters alive is the years of acting experience gained as a stage actor _ all boosted by a passion for acting.

As ``You are my Sunshine’’ is based on a true story of a man who fell in love with a woman who later found out she had AIDS, he gained 15 kilograms then lost 7 kilograms in 10 days in order to realistically portray a person overwhelmed by grief and sorrow.


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