Summer time
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Title Summer Time

Ryu Su-Yeong,Choi Cheol-Ho,Song Ok-Suk,Kim Ji-Hyun


sub eng ปกสี หน้าหลัง


VCD 2 แผ่น 90 บาท

DVD 1 แผ่้น 140 บาท


Sang-ho happens to peep through a hole in a worn wooden house ad watch a married couple as they engage in sex. Without knowing it, he gets excited and as a consequence, he starts to masturbate. At first, he feels quilty and ashamed but they young man grows more and more addicted to watching them in secret. Then seizing a moment when the husband is not home, Sang-ho goes downstairs. Imitating the husband's manner of foreplay even down to the sequence, the young man has sex with the wife.