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Yang Dong-Geun, Kim Seong-Su, Yun Ji-Min 


Lee Hyang-Bae  


91 min.


Sub Eng ปกสี หน้าหลัง


VCD 2 แผ่น 90 บาท

DVD 1 แผ่น 140 บาท



Monopoly - Thriller. Directed by Lee Hang-bae. Kyung-ho (Yang Dong-geun) is an unsociable computer genius whose only companion is action figures that he has collected. Arich guy John (Kim Sung-soo) approaches him in an action figure store and they become friends. John suggests an irresistible offer to join a scheme to withdraw money from every bank account in Korea. Kyung-ho is tempted. However, John's girlfriend (Yoon Ji-min) hints John will take advantage of Kyung-ho and tells him to stay away from John. But Kyung-ho's unconditional belief in John makes him join the plot and puts his life in danger.

When you watch such films as "Sixth Sense" and "The Usual Suspects", you reach a point when you realize you've been totally deceived throughout the film or that your guess has taken you in the wrong direction. Reaching such a moment of realization means you lost the guessing game, but you can still find film fun just like you enjoy a magic trick. New crime thriller Monopoly tries hard to play tricks on audiences _ to offer them such realization in the end.

Directed by Lee Hang-bae and starring Yang Dong-gun and Kim Sung-soo, the film revolves around two friends who team up to commit a crime. In the film, Kyong-ho (played by Yang) is a computer genius, who works at a network security company protecting the nation's banks from computer hackers. He is sophisticated, intelligent, but unsociable, and his hobby is collecting action figures and playing with them.

His humdrum life faces unexpected changes as Korean-American businessman John enters the scene. Kyong-ho is immediately attracted by John as he seems to have many characteristics Kyong-ho has long admired.
Their relationship hints at homosexuality, but John asks Kyong-ho for a dangerous favor _ to help him to hack the bank network server and withdraw a small amount of money from almost every bank account in the nation.

Kyong-ho discovers John intentionally approached him for the plan, but he can't help but get involved as he finds himself already enmeshed in the crime. The film begins with Kyong-ho in an interrogation room confessing to how he met John and became involved in the crime. His recollection gives audiences clues and invites them to play a guessing game as to how things have been bugled and how they will end.

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