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Title Friends

Fukada Kyoko, Won Bin


Han Cheol-Su, Nobuhiro Doye


200 Mins




4 แผ่น 250 บาท และมีเบื่้องหลังแถมอัก 1 แผ่น


The love story which is the first Japanese-Korean joint production made for TV. The 3-disc set includes two discs containing the main features, plus a bonus disc containing extras which include making-of documentary, interviews with Kyoko Fukada and Won Bin (total running time: 90 mins.) The show consists of two parallel love stories that start out in Hong Kong, and develop later in Seoul and Tokyo.

The Year of 2002 World Cup, to be co-hosted by Japan and the Republic of Korea (South Korea), sparked a surge of interest in Japan's closest neighbor, and TV companies have been quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) jumped on the bandwagon, airing a romantic drama with popular Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada and Korean star Won Bin. The show, ``Friends TV Series,'' was created in collaboration with South Korean station MBC for broadcast during the same week-the first such venture in Japanese and Korean TV history.

When it went on air in February 2002, the show notched up 15 percent of viewers in Japan and did well in both nations.

``This was an unprecedented task, so it was difficult co-producing the drama from start to finish,'' says MBC Director Kang Byeng-Moon, who is charged with producing the drama in South Korea.

Faced with the challenge of making program in two countries that would appeal to two different audiences, the co-producers understood the importance of avoiding misunderstandings. They met twice to determine the show's theme, and eight times to come up with the storyline and iron out any difficulties.

``We provided 12 translators-six Koreans and six Japanese-on each shoot, which cost almost 10 percent of our total budget,'' Kang says. ``But despite the problems that came up, which were mainly cultural and procedural, we did our best to understand one another, and in the end we overcame our differences.''

Do Ji-Hun (Wonbin) and Tomoko(Fukada Kyoko) that come across in Hong Kong and exchanges mail return the South Korea and Japan. Yearning about the each other is added and Tomoko comes in Seoul. However, Ji-Hun is not in Seoul ... Two that meet has been separate again in a day as is not strong enough not until last. And because a few days pass, Ji-Hun goes to Japan as volunteer worker qualification of film festival that open in Dakasaki. However, Ji-Hun goes army missing Tomoko.

In the meantime, after do Tomoko Ji-Hun's friend Kyong-Ju (Lee Dong-Gun) of receive mail unexpectedly and go to South Korea . However, Ji-Hun is grieved after have turned back and do Tomoko. Finally, after do Tomoko, decide to forget everything and emulate Korean that learn because of Ji-Hun still more and was found employment to Seoul's a travel agency.

Ji-Hun and Tomoko come across in street after 2 years. Then, both is begun to make friends again. However, because of quarrel of both, return to Japan after do Tomoko.

And go by where because being soft with old colleague Sakamaki (Ozawa Yukiyosi) after do Tomoko some Christmas and meet yuko(Yada Akiko)...